Gary Schmidt was criticized for requiring an assistant District Attorney to be sworn in prior to giving testimony at a Washoe County Board of Equalization meeting. District Attorney Richard Gammick stated that his staff was not required to obey the following Nevada Revised Statute (the law).


NAC 361.630   Order of appearances; testimony to be under oath. (NRS 361.340, 361.355)

     1.  Unless modified by the county board of equalization, the order of appearances must be as follows:

     (a) Assessing authority’s briefing-orientation;

     (b) Petitioner’s presentation;

     (c) Assessing authority’s presentation; and

     (d) Petitioner’s rebuttal.

     2.  All persons shall testify under oath.

     [St. Bd. of Equalization, Reg. No. 2 § 5, eff. 12-29-75; A and renumbered as Reg. No. 1 § 5, 10-14-77; Reg. No. 2 § 6, eff. 12-29-75; renumbered as Reg. No. 2 § 7, 1-1-77; renumbered as Reg. No. 1 § 7, 10-14-77]

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