Gary with Fire Engine

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Man fights to keep antique fire engines

The cost of fire

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The cost of fire story from RN&R

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When confronted with national problems, be vocal & contact your elected representatives

Gary R. Schmidt



The Schmidt Plan


Spots from the 2014 Senate 16 campaign



March 2021 - The Socialists have conquered another country. They could see the writing on the wall and knew that the only way that they could stop the Trump Train was to steal the election. Welcome to your new "Third World Country".

October 2009 - Washoe County so called "Junk" vehicle ordinance.

June 28, 2006 - Andrew Lane Fire <

Schmidt on public television - VIDEO

June 22, 2006 - Schmidt/Supreme Court

Service on the Washoe County Board of Equalization (Property tax review panel)

Open Meeting Law and Public Records Advocacy

Long Time Owner/Operator of Historic Reindeer Lodge

Community Activities and Commitments

"The Schmidt List"

Television Appearances

Showcase of Special Event and Concert Production

Service on Pistachio Commission

Mount Rose Historical Society

Gerlach Historical Society

Family History and Photo Album

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Reindeer on 'Old Rosie'
Reindeer on 'Old Rosie'

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May 12, 2005 - Cover Story
Does Washoe County have a vendetta against this man?

Luke & Gary Photo By David Robert RN&R

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Gary makes another appearance on "With Liberty and Justice For All"

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Gary Schmidt discusses the nuances of public records with a city of Reno staffer. Photo By David Robert RN&R

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