Personal Background and Experience

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, San Jose State University 1966; Minor Fields of Study in Business Management, Geography, Computer Sciences; Graduate Work in Real Estate at University of California 1967; Computer Science Studies at Lockheed & U.S. Air Force 1961/66 (ten years experience in data/computer processing including work as a Computer Software Design Engineer with hundreds of hours of formal seminars and training courses); Various Courses in Effective Leadership and Government Administration; Continuing Legal Education courses in Public Records/Open Meeting Laws, Nevada Property Tax Law, Business Court Functions

Semi-retired Business Owner/Operator: I have owned, developed, and managed agricultural, commercial, and residential properties for 45 years. I have had active business activities and interests in tourist commercial operations, commercial winter sports activities, motel and tourist lodging, farming, ranching, orchard development, nut processing and distribution, wholesale and retail office supplies distribution, restaurant and entertainment operations,business consulting, special events planning and operations, concert and record productions including well known music festivals and concerts- He was co-producer of the 1968 Newport Pop Festival, the first outdoor music festival to draw over 100,000 people!

I was the only non California resident ever elected to the California Pistachio Commission with activities in advertising and promotion and Congressional liaison in Washington D.C. in the mid 1980s. I served on the Washoe County Board of Equalization from 2003 to 2007. I have attended and participated in hundreds of local and State hearings, committees, and public meetings, regularly attended CAB and NAB meetings for decades. As an informed citizen I have fought against abusive, oppressive, intrusive, and arrogant government for over forty years. (see web site at Reform Nevada Politics .com) (

I am running for State office out of a desire and moral obligation to give back to this Community and State for the opportunities that have been afforded me in my lifetime. My broad and extensive background in economics, business and government functions and activities gives me tremendous qualifications to serve during these trying times of budget deficits and dysfunctional government that has lost its way. I am not an incumbent; I have not been part of the problem. I offer solutions not excuses. I am a lifelong practicing economist and business operator. I have owned and managed agricultural, commercial and residential properties for over 40 years. I believe that an economy dependant on casino based tourism and growth for growth`s sake alone that does not pay its own way, a Ponzi chain letter type scheme of ultimately carpenters building houses for soon to be unemployed and foreclosed on carpenters, will not recover. We must build a brand new economy for the State. We should rebuild our tourism based upon the great outdoors and our history and heritage. Special events and celebrations should play an expanded role in such tourism. Green energy production and renewable energy systems manufacturing would be a more appropriate place to use STAR Bonding as opposed to big box stores that destroy legitimate long time mom and pop operations. Agriculture could be revitalized and we could return to growing crops with our rural water instead of houses. Excellence in education is also an essential element of any new economy.

The most important duty of an elected official is to listen to the people. If you want someone who is always politically correct, who goes along just to get along, who abandons his position or that of the people just to achieve unanimity, I`m not your candidate. But if you want a fighter, someone who knows the issues, someone who calls it like it is, someone who will speak clearly and confidently and respects the people`s rights and well being, not the back room special interests, someone with a no nonsense common sense approach to government, then I`m your candidate. I will serve with humility and a deep respect for the citizens; I will honor the will and the wisdom of the people. I will not allow the people, the citizens, to be silenced or ignored. I have the capacity and the tenacity to serve faithfully without compromise or surrender and will remain faithful to the principle that elected officials are and should be foremost, Public Servants. It would be foolish for WE the people to rely on the same old elected officials that led us into these crisis`s to somehow now be ordainly enlightened, willing and capable of leading us out of them. Nevada`s best days are ahead of us, but we the people need new leadership to guide us into the future.