Important Hearing to Remove DA and three County Commissioners

(8-20-2013) Hearing Cancelled - Case Dismissed by Judge Palaha
Terry Tierney, community activist and retired Navel Intelligence Officer, states Judge Palaha succumbs to Political pressure and reverses himself and refuses to hold hearing he had scheduled required under NRS 283.440. Terry Tierney considers appeal and possible filing with the Commission on Judicial Discipline.

Department 3 Judge Palaha
Wendnesday August 21 9:30 AM
Washoe County Court House

Click the links below for more information, they are all pdf files.

Tierney Court Filing

Tierney 1st Motion to Dismiss

Tierney Docket First Order to Procede

Tierney 2nd Motion to Dismiss

Tierney Responce to 2nd Motion to Dismiss

AB545 Buffet Bill from Hell

11-4-23 ab545 Opposition

Buffet Bill from Hell - More Information